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Do You See Rodents at your Home? Call Us for Rodent Control Services

Did you find rodents crawling in your kitchen? You need to seek experts for rodent pest control services at your location. It is important to control rodents before they cause problems for you and creates an unhygienic environment. It is important to keep yourself safe and healthy so it is important to opt for rodent control.

Methods Opted by Our Exterminators for Rodent Control

The 7 Days Pest Control implement several steps to get rid of rodents. Hence some of them are mentioned below:

  • For controlling rodents, chemical treatments really work. Thus exterminators make use of spraying techniques. The active ingredients used for rodent control involve insecticides which has repelling as well as killing power.
  • We use glue traps, snap traps, and electronic trap for catching rodents.
  • Baiting techniques which we prefer for controlling rodents are Pallet bait, block baits, and liquid baits etc
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Things You Need to Do After Rodent Control to Avoid Infections

Several things are suggested by experts that help to control rodents in your home. We at 7 Days Pest Control suggest you do the following things.

  • Clean the dirt and dust completely from the floors to avoid rodent infestation in the home and also to prevent rodent in the home.
  • Remove the clutter from the corners which are more prone to rodent infestation and most of the rodents hide in these things.
  • For better control make sure to cover the drainage holes after use, so that rodents cannot enter the home.
  • Avoid accidental food spills as rodent feed on food particles and in this way, infestation increased to a new level. So it’s better to get rid of rodents by avoiding stains on the floors and rugs.
  • Clean the baseboards, decks on regular intervals as the rodent infestation is common in rags and decks where rodents hide.

Do you feel uneasy with rodents in your home? Then don’t wait and hire us immediately for the best rodent pest control services at your location. You can also hire us for spider control in Brisbane. We offer the best services and work on the following factors:

  • We offer the best services with the help of professionally trained experts.
  • We know the importance of a healthy environment so offer the safe and secure services.
  • We without disturbing you offer you with hassle-free services at your location.
  • With the use of the best range of products, our experts provide you with quality services.
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Office Location in Brisbane

Location – Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 4000
Rodent Control Brisbane


How does 7 Days Pest Control help to get rid of rodents from the house?

We provide expert professionals and modern equipment which can easily catch the rodents and kill them. Our team is very knowledgeable and they know how to prevent them in the future.

What are the services that we provide for rodent control?

The services that we provide for rodent control are removal and prevention treatment to get rid of rodents. You can hire us for same-day service, affordable cost, and modern types of equipment to control rodents.

How to get permanently rid of rodents in Brisbane?

To get rid of rodents one must have an electronic trap to catch them. Rodent control in Brisbane is a big problem in today’s time. So, one must have bait to kill rodents.