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Many of us come across several kinds of ant infestation at home. It is important to control ants before their population reaches to the extreme level. Several ways are there which help control ant infestations in the homes. For the complete and effective eradication, it is better to contact us for the ants control services at your home. With the help of experts, it becomes easier to control the pest.

Different Species Which Can Be Eradicated;

We at 7 Days Pest Control helps to control several species of ant in the best way with the use of the best method.

  • Some ants which are of brown to a black color and often found in the kitchen dashboards. These are the odorous house ants need to control to avoid food contamination.
  • Most of the ants like pavement ants which directly feed on sugary material.  These ants occur in high population and become impossible to control with the help of exterminators.
  • Some of the ants directly feed on wood and other furniture at home and are called carpenter ants.  So to control such ants it is best to opt for the ants control service in your home.
  • Some ants directly feed on food and water and deteriorate them directly.  So it is important to control such fire ants and directly avoid them from entering with the help of ants control. The 7 Days Pest Control suggest controlling ants before they occur in your home.
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Several Signs and Symptoms of Ants Infestation are Mentioned Below:

  • If you find rashes on the skin varying from white to red in colour then it is probably due to ant bites.
  • Ant pathway or trails inside your residential premises is the common sign, which you can observe easily.
  • Ant nest or small piles of dirt in dark places
  • Sometimes you come across unpleasant odors which result due to the increased infestation of ants.  In that case for the fresh environment, you need to seek for ants control.

Count on 7 Days Pest Control for Ants Control Services.

  • We offer a quick response to queries to satisfy the customers.
  • With the use of eco-friendly products, we help to control and without any side effects.
  • Our ants control experts help you with best methods that are provided by highly skilled experts.
  • We know the money value os offer the best services in affordable budget.  So you can easily hire us.
  • We offer hassle-free services at your location and reach you within a short time when you call us.

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Ants Control Brisbane


What are the different services available for controlling the ant?

There are many services which we offer to our customers to get rid of ants at home. We use boric powder, insecticides, and pesticide spray to kill ants. We are always available on the phone to resolve the query of customers.

What is the best repellent for ants?

The best repellent for ant control in Brisbane is white vinegar. It kills and repels the ant. It is one of the most effective methods to get rid of ants.

Why choose 7 Days Pest Control for ant removal?

7 Days Pest Control provides highly expert trainers that know what type of chemical or spray is needed to kill the ant. We are always there to help our customers if there are any queries related to ant removal.