Possum Removal Brisbane

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Possums look like rats that live on the roof or foundry of your house. They live in houses for insects or plants. They generally do not harm humans but it creates nuisance wherever they live. One should be clear whether it is possum or rats because both look similar. We provide you with the best services for Possum Removal Brisbane. We offer modern technology for possum removals. We work according to the customer’s needs, which is to remove possums from the house and office and make sure they don’t come back. Our services are best among others pest companies for possum removals. We gain trust from our customers by providing them with the best services.

Possum Removal Brisbane

Benefits of hiring possum catchers

Here are some benefits of having possum catchers:

  1. Protects from infections

Though possums are not harmful, they can affect the health of the virus inside them. If it touches the food, or it dies inside the house then it can infect the person. Possum controllers protect your house from infection.

  1. Healthy environment

Once in 6 months, you need to have pest control so that you have a healthy environment. You never know when the infection gets inside your body due to the pests in your house, so you should be careful about your health. 

  1. Obviate return

The possum controllers prevent the return of the pest. They remove possums permanently from your home. To ensure that it doesn’t return again you should choose professionals for this.

Our Possum Removal Services In Brisbane

7 Days Pest Control provides you with the best services for possum removal. We give the best services and remove all the possums so that they won’t be back again. Various services provided by us for Possum Removal Brisbane are:

  1. Possum inspection and removal

We look for the hole or whole yard where they hide. We all know before doing pest control it needs to be inspected properly whether it is possum or rat as they both look alike. We will find their numbers before starting the removal process. 

  1. Residential Possum removal

Generally, possums are found in houses and hide in roofs or gardens. Therefore, we provide residential possum removal for the customer. 

  1. Commercial possum removal

Our possum removal services also include commercial spaces like offices, institutes, or any commercial platform. There is a chance of having possum in the commercial place and can destroy the paper kept in the office. So, we provide you with the best commercial possum removal service.

  1. Pre-purchase possum inspection

Before purchasing any house or building any commercial organization we provide you with a pre-purchase inspection. This means beforehand we can provide you protection from possums. You can also hire our pest controllers for a pre-purchase termite inspection in Brisbane at affordable prices.

  1. Emergency possum removal services 

We provide emergency pest removal for the possum. If you need services then you can contact us whenever needed. We give services as per the emergency requirement of the customer.

  1. Same day possum removal

We give same-day services to the customers. Within an hour of the call from the clients, we sent our workers to them. So, you can trust us for the best possum removal services.

Why Choose Us as Your Possum Removal Company? 

  • Affordable possum Catchers

We have the cheapest and affordable price for possum removal. We provide all types of services at a low cost no matter how big or small the house we charge according to it but at a reasonable rate.

  •  Timely service providers

We provide on-time services. We never delay our work because customer concern is our concern therefore, we arrive according to the time the customer appoints us. Customers should be free from time concerns.

  • Available 24/7 

Our services are 24/7, so feel free to contact us whenever there is any question regarding possum removal and other pest control. We are always there to help our customers to get rid of pests.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How much does it cost to remove a possum from the house?

The approx cost for possum removal is around $150 to $250 it varies from size to size.

  1. What types of traps are used to get rid of a Possum? 

There are different types of traps for different pests. But possums can’t be killed so we use cages for them.

  1. Are possums a problem in Brisbane?

No, possums are not that problematic in Brisbane because they can be seen anywhere and it is not a big issue for everyone. It doesn’t damage your property.

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