Pantry Moths: Are pantry moths harmful?

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Pantry Moths: Are pantry moths harmful?

Pantry moths are very common in Australia. They are basically moths that are found in pantries or meals. They are also well-known as ‘Indian moths’ in some countries. These pests are different from regular moths because instead of damaging your belongings, they attack your stored food supplies. Stores, kitchens, food processing plants, pantries, selling food, etc are some indoor locations where you can easily find pantry moths. They are tiny winged pests that can be grey as well as brown in colour. These insects horribly damage and contaminate your food by invading their larvae in the supplies. 

What Are Pantry Moths Attracted To? 

These insects are attracted to food supplies like cereals, bread, flour, grain, spices, and other kinds of processed foods. Therefore, they are most likely to be found in your kitchen invading your food storage area. Because of their small size, they can easily enter your property from small cracks, crevices, open windows or gates, vents, or even cables that are entering the property. They have a strong sense of smell, therefore, they always know where your food items are stored. However, you can avoid these pests by making sure that all your food items are stored safely in a tightly sealed container so that there is no way for them to enter.

Are Pantry Moths Hazardous?

Although these creatures are harmless to animals and humans. But they can do a lot of damage to your food supplies. These insects can not sting you or bite you but they can contaminate your food items which can eventually lead to some health risks. Contamination of any kind can cause health issues. Therefore, when there is an infestation, it is best to discard all the contaminated food supplies to prevent any uncertainties. 

Additionally, getting rid of a pantry moth infestation can be laborious if you are not into professional pest control in Brisbane services. However, you can easily prevent an infestation by keeping a check on the food items you purchase from stores and keeping it in an airtight container. 

How To Recognize A Pantry Moth?

People often get confused between pantry moths and clothes moths. However, you can tell the difference between both of them by inspecting the following features:

  • Pantry moths are smaller than cloth moths. They have a 5/8 inch wingspan. 
  • The colour of their wings is light grey but the outer area of the wings is brownish-red. 
  • Also, there is a black band that connects the upper wing to the lower wing. 

The Life Cycle Of A Pantry Moth?

Pantry moths can easily infest your house within a very short period of time. This is because, despite their small size, they can still lay around 400 eggs. Additionally, they can hatch within a few weeks. The damage begins to take place when the pantry moths reach the larval period. The reason behind this is when they are not hibernating, they tend to chew and eat whatever they have their hands on. After 2-3 months they shift to their cocoons. You can find these cocoons in the tiniest cracks, crevices, or any hidden spot that you can think of. 

After the cocoon period of around 20 days, the moths are considered adults. Female adult moths again start laying eggs. Mostly they lay eggs on the food supplies which continue the entire lifecycle. 

moth pest control services
moth pest control services

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