Can you rely on the best pest control service provider in Brisbane?

Yes, you can rely on 7 Days Pest Control, the best pest control service provider in Brisbane. We boast of a team of skilled and experienced pest controllers with extensive knowledge of various pests and up-to-date training. Moreover, you can truly count on us to make sure that your house or office is safe again.

Do you need to keep pets away during pest control?

Generally, there is no need to transfer your pets to another place during pest control. It is vital that the pet does not come towards the area that is undergoing pest control treatment. However, if your pet is sensitive or has allergy issues, it is best to keep them away till the fumes clear out.

When can you clean after pest control is done?

It is advisable that you clean 2-4 days after pest control is done. Unnecessary mopping and sweeping can lead to the washing off of the pest control spray. The best solution is to ask the pest control experts before making any decision.