Borer Control Brisbane

Remove All Types Of Borers With 7 Days Pest Control In Brisbane

If you have noticed holes in your furniture or tree’s trunk, it usually means that it is a victim of an insect attack. Common borers are also known as furniture beetles. They lay eggs on the surface of the wood, and the larvae slip into the wood by boring to a very tiny hole and continue to go inside the wood. These borers harm and damage the overall wooden furniture of your home, and the only effective way to get rid of them is to hire experts.

For that, 7 Days Pest Control is helping people all around the area of Brisbane. Our qualified and expert technicians are carrying great experience in removing borers and any pest from home. We specialize in removing all types of borers from your home as we know how it feels when pests start damaging your home and become a risk factor for your family. Unlike others, we use 100% organic and safe chemicals for removing borers from your property. Also, our technicians are licensed and qualified for the job. Thus our Borer Control Brisbane team helps you with a guaranteed solution within less time.

Borer Control Brisbane

Borer control Brisbane Inspection Specialists 

Inspection is always a crucial part of removing any pest from the property. It helps the professionals to determine the area of infestation and damage caused by the pest. Also, it determines the type of pest species living in your place. Our Borer Control Brisbane inspection service starts treatment through inspection of the premise. Also, inspection is essential if you are going to buy or sell any property.

Rapid and Effective Borer Control Brisbane Treatment 

After the inspection process, our professional starts making treatment procedures for your property with all proper precautions. 7 Days Pest Control uses natural and eco-friendly chemicals for the safe removal of borers. Hence, we don’t use harmful and hazardous chemicals which are harmful to health. Our technicians spray all the substances into the hiding holes and places where the borers frequently hide. After treatment, our professionals do post-inspection and revisits to ensure that all the borers are removed from furniture or house.

Services we provide at 7 Days Pest Control for Borer Extermination

  • Borer Inspection and removal 

We help you remove all types of pests, including borers, safely from your property. Borers are different from termites as they lay an egg on the surface of woods and make huge holes between them. For the prevention of your furniture, we provide proper inspection and removal service.

  • Residential Borer control

Borers can be dangerous for your expensive wooden materials or furniture; hence for protecting them, we provide a range of services for your home. Once you give us a call, our professional will quickly visit for an inspection and removal. You can also opt for our wasp removal services in Brisbane at affordable prices, to avail contact us now.

  • Commercial Borer control 

Not only for home, but we are also available for your office or commercial place as borers can damage the infrastructure of your office building, and working with pests may be annoying for employees. So, for that, we can help you to get rid of such uncertain situations, and you can be able to focus more on productivity.

  • Pre-purchase Borer inspection

A pre-purchase inspection is essential if you are looking forward to buying or selling any property. It helps to make sure that there aren’t any borers or pests living in the area. Our pre-purchase service will help you to make sure that the property is not infested. 

  • Emergency Borer control service 

It can be so annoying if borers start rapidly growing and make the situation pathetic. For that, we are always here for you as we provide emergency services to our customers. We provide efficient treatment so that you can get rid of them easily.  

  • Same day Borer control 

Our professionals are experienced and trained, which means that they are highly specialized in doing borer control. We provide same-day borer control service for your property so that you don’t have to wait too much.

Why choose us as your borer control expert in Brisbane?

  • License and certified professionals 

Certifications and licenses prove that we are an authorized borer and pest control company and are well qualified for this job.

  • Timely service providers

Our professionals have the proper knowledge about the tools and equipment, and they are highly expertise in removing any borers from the house. Hence, we provide better resolution in less time.

  • Local Borer Controllers

Our professionals are the locals of Brisbane, and we provide different types of pest services all around Brisbane and its suburbs. 

  • Budget-friendly treatments

Many pest and borer control services are luxurious, but the best thing about us is that we have cost-friendly services without having to look into your budget.

  • Organic chemicals

The chemicals which we spray in the treatment are non-toxic and made from organic products. They are also safe for your family and kids.


  1. Can I treat Borers by myself?

No, borers hide inside the holes of woods and damage them from inside; hence without proper equipment and chemicals, it is impossible to remove them from your house or commercial place.

  1. Are termites and borers the same?

No, borers and termites are both different pests. Termites can make the situation worse on your property because they are much capable of causing more severe and long-lasting structural damage.

  1. Does your Borer Control Brisbane team provide emergency services?

Yes, 7 Days Pest Control provides emergency services for our customers. You can call us anytime as we are available 24×7 for our customers. Our professional will soon visit for inspection after your call.

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